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Megan (O'Shea) Lillich
I wish I could donate and help you- but I too am fighting 3 autoimmune diseases, lupus, RA and Addisons disease. you are a strong and beautiful women know that there are thousands of people reading your story on fox news right now praying for you. I run a face book page for RA its not you disease but we deal with a lot of the same (though not to the extream you do) issues. its called Squeaky joints. its just a fun place to let off steam and vent. i push my facebook name in the name portion message me and i will add you if you want
Vicki Krueger
Dear Hannah, You are a brave girl and an inspiration to all of us. I'm keeping you in my my thoughts and prayers.
Becky Pritchard
We are all thinking about you Hannah! Love from Washington, DC!!
Kathy Carpenter
Let's get this done - we can do this for Hannah!!
The Faracis
We feel so lucky to be part of your extended family! Never ever give up Hannah!  We can totally do this!!!!
Anne and Orrin
Hannah - Keep up your zest and the positive attitude.  Its encouraging to all and we pray for the good things to follow for you.  Love G'ma & G'pa  
Hannah - you are the toughest person I know, and you keep smiling and willing to help others fighting MG as well.  You are an amazing young woman!
Timothy Butterfield
I am Hannah's Uncle and I want you to donate please......!!!!!!! Start now, doit,...get on with it......
Andrew And Rachelle
We're rooting for ya Hannah!