Team Hannah


What we share

My heart goes out to Hannah because this could have been me!  

Following a time of sudden extreme double vision, I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis which can be limited to an Ocular type (eyes only) or the all-body type which she has and I found out I had.  I was blessed to have wonderful, quick care and surgery for Thymectomy which DID put me into remission.  After time for my body to adjust from thymus removal surgery, my life has gone on to "normal".....I did not have to go thru chemo.  I was and am so blessed!   My heart and prayers go out to Hannah and I ask all who read this to join my prayers for her healing and for insurance to cover her bone marrow surgery so that she will regain her young life. 

TO HANNAH's FAMILY:  Name the insurance so we can deluge them with requests to honor your requests for her needed surgery.